Bureaucracy index begun as a part of the Top 20 project of the Institute of Economic and Social Studies – INESS in Slovakia. The goal is to establish a comprehensive list and subsequent cost of bureaucratic burden in a country. With a pilot in Slovakia, we aim to spread the idea and enable international comparison of bureaucratic burden, especially for SME.

As part of the dissemination efforts, we aim to establish the regular commemoration of the International Bureaucracy Day.

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The project was based on the support of the Atlas Network

Slovak data inputs were prepared with professional advice of following companies and individuals:

  • VIK s .r.o.
  • Jaroslava Lukačovičová

Project partners:

  • Byrokratický nezmysel
  • indexpodnikatela.sk

If you have any observations to bureaucratic index, email us top20@iness.sk