Bureaucracy Index is a simple and transparent quantification of the proverbial “red tape”, which is mentioned daily in media, but rarely in any quantitative terms.

Organizing the means of production so as to provide added value for market is a challenging activity full of risks. Entrepreneur must daily contend with the changing needs of customers, competitors, suppliers, or with destructive effect of innovations on his business. Any additional obstacles from the state cause deceleration and sometimes even end of this endeavor. There are several existing competitiveness rankings around, that comprehensively assess the quality of law enforcement, infrastructure and tax law from a business perspective. In our Bureaucracy Index, we decided to keep down to earth. In collaboration with experts from different areas, we have identified all the administrative tasks that the state requires from a model company.  These tasks were assigned time and financial demands (similar methodology is used by Slovak Ministry of Economy).


Bureaucracy Index was founded in 2016 by the Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS). The goal was to establish a comprehensive list and subsequent cost of bureaucratic burden for a SME in a country. With a 2016 pilot in Slovakia, the project aims to spread the idea and enable international comparison of bureaucratic burden, especially for SMEs. As part of the dissemination efforts,  the International Bureaucracy Day was established as a regular commemoration of the wasted resources and talent, lost due to excessive bureaucracy around the world.

For the 2017 edition, Bureaucracy Index received support from the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit. With two partners, Liberalni institut from the Czech Republic and IME from Bulgaria, the index now grows internationally!

If you have any observations to Bureaucracy Index, or would like to join in 2018, email us: top20@iness.sk